Main News Audio Stats
SC2014. Dubstep Song
I Just Don't Care Anymore. Techno Song
Hard Sty. Techno Song
Shamisen'd Dubstep Song
Used An Acoustic Guitar. House Song
A Lot of Stuff In This One. Dance Song
I Learned Chords I Think. Dance Song
It's A Good Arp Right? Dubstep Song
Likin' Dat Arp. Dubstep Song
Das A Noice Piana. House Song
Trying Harder. Drum N Bass Song
Things Can Mix. Dubstep Song
ChopChunzed. Video Game Song
Not Exactly 8-Bit. Video Game Song
8-Bit Crying. Chipstep Song
Multi 3xOsc and Distortion House Song
Try. House Song
Help Fight Trancer. Fixed! Trance Song
Deadmau5 Likes Prog House House Song
Help Fight Trancer. Trance Song
StrikerZ. Trance Song
Peaces. Dubstep Song
Fading. Techno Song
D'n'B good maybe? Drum N Bass Song
I think I like Chiptune. Video Game Song
For EW. House Song
Kinda Sucks Video Game Song
Guitar Slayer2 Test General Rock Song
Distorted Lead General Rock Song
Orc House. House Song